Folding Room Dividers

FD-1000 Folding Dividers

classroom with folding room dividers walls and divider wall screens

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Quick Specs

  • Panel widths alternates between 50″ and 46 1/2″
  • Hinge connected panels swivel 180 degrees
  • Smooth rolling 3″ rubber wheels with step on brakes
  • Built in marker boards and glass inserts available
  • 1 1/4″ panel thickness is twice that of competition
  • Frames constructed from 1/16” thick aluminum
  • Thick sound soaking fabric facings in 40 color choices
  • Able to Fold into stack for easy moving and storage


Like most of our products the FD-1000 Folding Divider covers a wide range of materials and sizes and they can be custom manufactured into the exact width and height best suited to your requirements.

Our folding divider begins with a single panel. For wider units, we attach additional panels. This is accomplished with a unique hinge system that allows the unit the flexibility to fold into a compact stack that is easily rolled away for storage. This hinge system also allows each panel to swivel 180 degrees to create corners. Our standard folding divider panel can be connected with up to five additional panels for an overall width of 24 feet.

folding room divider partition or folding panel dividerWe offer a 6’ 6” and an 8’ height in our “standard” folding divider units. It is important to note that a 6’ 6” (78”) divider is the tallest unit that will roll through a standard door opening.

There are 40 colors of 22.5 oz facing materials available in sound absorbing and tackable fabrics. There are two colors available in a tough easy to clean glassboard face and economical sheet rock facing that you can paint to match your decor. Additional options include custom facing, built in marker boards and tempered glass of any size.

folding room panelsThe price varies considerably depending upon the size, the facing materials and the options. The larger the unit, the less the price becomes per square foot. The cost to securely crate and ship these units will depend upon distance and weight. The panels are shipped with the hinge pins removed so they can be individually unloaded and located in your building. Once located they are easily re-assembled by simply re-inserting the hinge pins

We customize sizes to fit your room and adjust pricing as needed.