Case Study

Let me provide a couple of examples of the results we have witnessed since providing this low cost alternative to the remodeling market.

We recently installed a room divider in our local school system. Architectural budgeting estimated the usual amount of $20,000 or better to install beams and a ceiling suspended movable partition. Our system was selected instead and completely installed for $7,000.00. We have consistently helped our customers save from 50 to 75 percent on their room divider installations. Testimonies to this effect are available upon request.

One of our customers brought this to our attention and wrote us a letter. He recounted that they had installed a very expensive ceiling suspended movable partition in their fellowship hall. Later they required five additional units for other areas in their church. After discussing this with me, they agreed to install one of our units and compare the acoustical benefits with the expensive unit. Since they now had both units in their church they had the rare opportunity to really compare products . They positioned one person on each side of dividers and while one talked the other listened. After comparing, they agreed that they did not notice an appreciable difference between the two. We then sold them the remaining four units at a considerable savings over the prices quoted for the ceiling supported units.

In addition to cost savings, we are also able to offer many features that are not available from other manufacturers. Acoustical fabric faced panels in a variety of colors that help “soak up” room noises are available as a standard. These fabric faces are Velcro compatible and tackable.

Options include built in porcelain enamel marker boards, see through glass inserts, standard swinging doors, washable faces in vinyl or steel for cafeteria and other clean room applications and much more.

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