Operable Partitions

SA-3000 Operable Partition with Storage System

Here is what it will do for you:

  • SA 3000 Track Rotated
    SA 3000 Track

    It is floor supported allowing you to install our lightweight top track even onto a suspended ceiling without requiring a beam or additional bracing.

  • It has a 6″ wide floor track that can be removed and stored in less than 5 minutes. When you are not using the system, there is nothing on the floor.                                                                            
  • It removes all panels from your room by pushing them through a slot in the wall an onto the storage system located in a closet or an adjoining room.

Sliding divider storage system

Here are the physical specifications:

  • Tracks and panel frames are manufactured from lightweight maintenance free clear anodized aluminum.
  • Panels are manufactured in two layers that are held apart to create a 1/4″ core of dead air that reduces noise vibration through the panel.
  • Each layer consists of a honeycomb stiffener board that is sandwiched between two pieces of 24 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Very attractive acoustical fabric faces are laminated to the galvanized steel to help soak up the echo effect of room noise.
  • Acoustical fabric faces are available in two stock colors of gray or brown and an additional 40 colors are available at a small up charge.
  • Except for the steel angle frame and some accessories the movable storage system is manufactured from maintenance free aluminum and plastic

Sliding Room Dividers - sa5000How it works:

  • Floor tracks are positioned across the room by inserting a finger of one track into the cavity of another. Pilot pins drop down into small holes in the floor.
  • Each 50″ wide independent panel rolls easily across the bottom track support on roller bearing wheels while being guided by the lightweight ceiling track.
  • An odd width panel or two is usually required to round out the 50″ panels fit for the the overall room size.
  • The panels lock into one another with rubber seals on a tongue and groove joint. The end panel seals against the wall with a wall seal channel.
  • The top track has a deep channel that allows the panels to float up and down with over an inch of tolerance to help adjust for floor irregularities.
  • The panels slide on and off of the different tracks on the storage system. 1/2″ thick plastic guides accepts the panels keeping them steady and upright.