Why Choose Panel Systems Manufacturing for your room dividers?

As a manufacturer of room dividers, we develop our products with your budget and needs in mind. From heavy duty,  commercial room dividers to versatile, easy to store panels, we can help you divide your space to suit your needs quickly and effectively.

Not only are our room divider products affordable, they also offer the following advantages over many other manufacturers:

  • All of our products are floor supported and do not require ceiling beams or additional bracing.
  • Sliding panels move independently from the other panels and can be used as a sliding door to allow many points of accessibility through the unit.
  • Since each panel is independent of the others, if one panel is damaged it can be repaired or replaced instead of replacing the entire system as required by competitive systems.
  • We use clear anodized aluminum tracks and frames that do not require maintenance. These extrusions can be economically re-sized to meet your future applications.
  • We can provide full size standard handicapped accessibility swinging doors in our end panels that will allow passage through the divider when it is in use.
  • Acoustical fabric facings give our dividers a sound soak capability that helps to reduce the room noise echo effect.
  • Our tack face acoustical facings save you the additional cost of bulletin boards.
  • Built in magnetic marker boards or tempered glass windows can be installed in the panels.